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We are a Franco-Ontarian non-profit organization based in Toronto, ON, dedicated to the integration and economic development of black and radicalized Francophones , with a particular emphasis on immigrants and visible minorities. La Passerelle-I.D.É. has a mandate for the economic and social integration of Francophone newcomers to Ontario through culturally adapted and avant-garde programs. In 2014, the organization created a satellite office in Paris.

The Background

In 1993, the organization began as an informal network of Francophone immigrants based in Toronto to respond to systemic problems and difficulties experienced by immigrant students within the school system. La Passerelle-IDÉ. was born from this first advocacy and was founded in 1992 by Léonie Tchatat at the age of 16 to respond to the challenges, obstacles and barriers related to the economic, social integration and inclusion of new immigrants in Toronto. As a young Francophone immigrant, Léonie understood first-hand that the unemployment, underemployment and precarious employment of new French-speaking immigrants represented a huge opportunity cost for the province and the country.

The Management

Founded and directed by Leonie Tchatat, it was in the 1990s that she arrived in Canada. A Canadian citizen today, this Franco-Ontarian of Cameroonian origin has received several awards for her actions within the community and has been recognized by governments, institutions and Francophone communities in Canada and internationally for her investment on issues affecting racism, inclusion, diversity and innovation.

Programs & Services

La Passerelle-I.D.É. offers potential employers access to a range of bilingual and diverse talent. The organization offers a range of culturally adapted programs and services, including cultural competency training which has been recognized as a best practice for the inclusion of immigrants by Canadian governments. The programs help prepare new immigrants for Canadian culture and the world of work. They also make employers aware of the added value of immigrants and diversity.

The organization also offers targeted programs designed to overcome systemic obstacles to the economic and professional integration of clients. The organization has led campaigns across the province in collaboration with the federal and provincial governments on the added value that Francophone workers bring and their contribution to the development of public policies on the integration of immigrants.

La Passerelle-I.D.É. is founder of the first high-level cross-sector bilingual Francophone talent council represented by collegial institutions, governments and organizations that work to identify strategies to raise awareness among employers about the impact and contribution of the bilingual French-speaking talent pool for economic prosperity in the Greater Toronto Area.

Recognition Awards

Over the course of 25 years of work and contribution within the community, Léonie Tchatat's work has been recognized by several organizations. In November 2011 and February 2015, respectively, she launched major public awareness campaigns on the contribution of Francophone immigrants to Ontario entitled "Immigrant means: a stronger Ontario Francophonie!" » and “Francophone immigrant means: together for a prosperous French Ontario!” ". She is considered a leader by governments, institutions and French-speaking communities in Canada and has received several awards and distinctions.

  • Appointed commissioner to the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

  • Awarded the rank of Knight by the Ordre de la Pléiade in 2005.

  • Recipient of the Anniversary Prize from the Association of Franco-Ontarian Teachers in 2014 in recognition of his commitment to the community.

  • Recipient of the Leadership Award by Share the Light Award Northwood Neighborhood Services in 2014.

  • Recipient of the Afroglobal Prize in 2017 for his work in social development.

  • Recipient of Youth Prize by Skills for Change in 1997.

  • Recipient of the RBC Black Diamond Award in 2024.

  • Recipient of the Toronto Community Champion Award in 2024.


Her efforts were also recognized by Jean Chrétien, former Prime Minister of Canada.


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