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Leonie Tchatat

“Each stage of my journey has been marked by significant accomplishments, but above all by the joy of seeing hundreds of individuals find their place in our country, thus contributing to our collective prosperity and strengthening the fabric of our society. I am deeply proud to have led impactful campaigns aimed at promoting the integration of black francophone communities in Ontario. These initiatives were the result of an unwavering commitment to the enrichment of our society through diversity. continue this essential work of building an inclusive and welcoming society for all."

Information about Ms. Tchatat

Co-founder of the conference “Resolutions2023: Overcoming racism together”, Léonie Tchatat is the founder and general director (CEO) of La Passerelle-I.D.É Toronto and Paris. Former commissioner at the Ontario Human Rights Commission, co-chair of the Call to Action Against Racism advisory committee, Léonie Tchatat played a key role in the development of initiatives defined by innovation and anchored in an in-depth knowledge of important issues regarding the exclusion/inclusion of the growing diversity of Black and racialized Francophones in Canadian and Ontario society.


Ms. Leonie Tchatat has worked for over 28 years on initiatives to eradicate racism within our society. In 2021, she was appointed to the City of Toronto's Black Mandate Funding committee whose goal is to create a Black Mandate Funding framework to deliver on the City of Toronto's commitment to advancing the International Decade of peoples of African descent. Still continuing her work, she was invited as a speaker in 2021 in Nice to the EFUS international conference which brought together more than 250 European and international cities and regions to mobilize in favor of reinforced urban security, inclusive and sustainable.


Ms. Tchatat has received numerous awards in recognition of her accomplishments. In 2009, she was named Knight of the Order of Francophonie and Cultural Dialogue of La Pléiade. In 2002, she was named a member of Passages to Canada Speakers Bureau. She was a member of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada – Francophone minority communities steering committee in 2005. She sat on the board of directors of the French-language public educational channel TFO for 2 terms. Strategist and activist, she created a training program in Cultural Competences recognized as an exemplary practice by the Canadian government promoting the integration of immigrants in Canada and she launched 2 major campaigns to raise awareness among the general public on the contribution of French-speaking immigrants to Ontario entitled “Immigrant means: a stronger Ontario Francophonie!” and “Immigrant means: a prosperous French Ontario!”. It should be noted that thanks to Ms. Tchatat's interventions, thousands of immigrants have found their path to integration in Canada. Ms. Tchatat was appointed representative to the Canada-France Seminar on Youth and the Integration of Diversity organized by the Canadian Embassy in France and the National Council of Cities.


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