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Ahmat Hassane Tchanaye

"It is with an immense feeling of pride that I testify to the exceptional journey of La Passerelle-I.D.É. Over the years, our organization has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the integration and economic development of black and racialized Francophones in Ontario Through our unwavering dedication and shared vision, we have created a significant impact in the lives of many individuals and in the community. Together, let us continue to build an inclusive and prosperous future for all."

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Information about Mr. Tchanaye

Young from Chad, Ahmat Hassane Tchanaye is a graduate in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, a teacher of Mathematics and Physical Sciences and a member of several civil society organizations.

Ahmat is certified in Business Administration, health system navigation and NPO governance. He is Chairman of the Board of Directors of La Passerelle-IDÉ. and he is also an activist committed to the humanitarian cause, which led him to create HUMANUS, a humanitarian NGO.

Ahmat is a consultant and specialist in French-speaking services at the TAIBU Community Health Center.

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"I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's communicate!"

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