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The Faces of Integration
The Architects of Change

Our mission is to foster lasting and positive change in the lives of black and racialized Francophones in Toronto. We also work with more than a dozen independent consultants and collaborators, with diverse and tailor-made backgrounds, talents and skills, to achieve our objectives.


We are extremely proud of our work and the major milestones we manage to achieve, day after day.

photo of Kenza Bendjenad

“I am fortunate to be in communication with people who have the power of change.”

Kenza Bendjenad

Marketing & Communication



"It makes me happy to see our customers leading stable lives now. That's success for us."

Rabia El Haddad

Consultations - Housing


“Receiving our clients teaches me a lot about cultural diversity in Canada.”

Yacine Ndiaye

Administrative Assistant



“It’s a feeling of pride to see the change we’ve made in someone’s life.”

Maguette Niane

Team Management - Housing

Vania 2.png

“I realize the impact we bring to families who are looking for solutions.”

Vania Ntsiete

Coordination Team -


photo of Wissam Amil

“I am inspired to audio-visually document the great work that is being done here.”

Wissam Amil

Media Production & Development


“I recognize the challenges one faces when entering a foreign country.”

Edem Tsogbe, PH.D

Coordination Team -

Human Capital Research

We welcome volunteers to join our mission and gain experience



Thank you! We will be in touch

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