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Edem Tsogbe, Ph.D

Coordination team - Bilingual talents


+1 (416) 934-0588


My name is Edem Tsogbe and I am part of the Human Capital Coordination and Research team. This team is so important because it collects qualitative and quantitative data relevant to the performance of our activities.

Having started in the United States and continued in Canada, I know the challenges one faces when entering a foreign country. It goes without saying that French-speaking immigrants in our community are not spared. This course helps me quickly understand the difficulties of our clients. It gives me satisfaction to know that I am contributing to the settling-up process of our clients in a foreign country, Canada, and subsequently to the good quality of life they have expected. Helping them is only possible within a dedicated team, which has the common objective: to help minimize their settling-in and integration difficulties.

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