Charité LEO

Our Story

LEO Charity was founded by Mme Léonie Tchatat, a Canadian woman originally form Cameroon, to advance the social and economic empowerment of young women. When she arrived in Canada at the age of 16, as a female Francophone immigrant, Mme Tchatat faced barriers to finding her place and asserting her rights as a young woman. Thanks to her perseverance and the support of her mentors, she was able to build an organization to help Francophone immigrants from every corner of the world. With her passion serving as her constant guide, in 2011 she decided to create LEO Charity to support a new vision of female leadership, giving hope (espoir) and creating lasting opportunities. For her many initiatives, Leonie Tchatat is now a recognized and respected leader in Canada and internationally.

Our Objectives

Increase the participation and engagement of young Canadian and African women in both economic and social development.
Help young women uncover their potential to boost their self-confidence and inner beauty.
Allow young Canadian and African women to dream and take control of their futures.

Our initiatives

Young women will be called upon to work together to identify; the barriers to their involvement in the community, as well as opportunities to reaffirm their leadership. LEO Charity aims to support them through a range of initiatives, including: mentorship, Master Classes, leadership camps, entrepreneurship training, etc.

  • Mentoring Program

One-on-one mentoring session will be provided to female francophone youth with the help of great mentors to build confidence and to develop their professionnal network

  • Educationnal Workshops

Workshops will be provided and  will cover various topics related to the following:

  • Leadership;
  • Autonomy and independence;
  • Community participation;
  • Self-esteem;
  • Life skills; and
  • Expression through various art forms.


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